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If you want to hire a biographer or memoir-writer, here are answers to some typically-asked questions. This will help you better understand the process if you are looking to hire a biographer, whether from us or anyone else.

If you decide to hire me, I will conduct personal interviews and conduct contextual research. In my experience, the more time I work in the interview and research phase, the more meaningful our finished book will be.

It is crucial you know what you envision your memoir or biography be before we start working together. In other words, envision the book and then tell me about your vision. Sometimes my clients have wanted a memoir to cover their life-challenges and how they persevered and overcame them. You should also think about your publishing intentions – sometimes people want to publish for retail sales and other times just for family and friends.

I have been working in the memoir and biography space since 2012 and have ghost-written dozens of memoirs and biographies. You can expect a minimum of 15-20 hours of interviews for you, and less for each person you want supplemental interviews to be conducted. I send out weekly updates detailing what I am working on and use a shared writing app so you can see each word and chapter whenever you like.

Hiring an experienced biographer will result in a more satisfying experience than hiring a different writer with experience in other fields, such as media and technical fields.

With me, you can get a sense of my writing style through my blog <link inserted>. As for the structure of your biography or memoir, each project is unique. Most of the time, it is more interesting to come up with a non-linear timeline, but sometimes a chronology is a better fit.

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