Your Life Story in a Beautiful Book – Personal Biography

Your Memoir

The memoir option makes for a thoughtful gift for loved ones. If you use the memoir as a marketing tool for your business, your memoir cost is also tax deductible.

What is a memoir versus a biography?

My memoir service can be described a biography-light. Most memoirs are much shorter in length than a biography, and usually covers a segment of your life, like a love affair or a business topic. In any case, I will craft a beautifully written book containing chapters covering significant or even life-changing events in your life.

How does it work?

Although the timing varies from project to project, you can expect between ten and twenty hours of online video interviews to help create your book exactly the way you want it. Typically I am able to deliver 3-4 chapters per month, and I use a simple shared writing platform so you can monitor my progress any time you like.

Once your manuscript is completed, we will move to the design phase. I have a trusted network of professional graphic designers who specialize in book covers and interiors. If you are interested in commercial distribution, we can upload your finished manuscript to Amazon for you. If you are more interested in sharing your book with friends and family, we can arrange for professional printing in paperback, hardback, or even leather bound.

My memoir service includes:

Online Interviews: Approximately 20 hours

Labor for professional memoir-writing: 200-300 hours

Your Edits: Unlimited edits you request

Time frame: Approximately six to seven months.

How May We Help You!

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